BlackBerry Trends, New Friends, and Super Bowl 47

BB10trending in canadaIMG_00000518

What a week for BlackBerry!  If a launch event can go by the script, then on January 30, 2013 at Pier 36 in NYC, with the unveiling of  the two new OS 10 phones, the Z10 and Q10, to the world, the start of a new play for the beleaguered company is on.  The Playbook launch in 2011 left much to be desired with the initial half baked software.  For the new cell phones, the reviews are in and for the most part they are very positive.  Oh what a relief for the Waterloo and Ottawa RIM workers that put their all in propelling the new OS as an evolution  of  the original Playbook QNX platform; there is nothing half baked about BlackBerry 10.  Even the top tier third party native apps are coming along nicely.  By 2pm on the afternoon of  the launch  #Blackberry was trending worldwide, and in Canada, New Orleans & BlackBerry were trending together.  Uhm…what does it mean? Will it be trending again come the big game today?


The new devices are in the hands of  the UK populace willing to move on and try something new.  The analysts seemed surprised at how well received the phones have been, or at least are having to become less bearish and more bullish.  Sure the short sellers made some money, but for those who are  all in, the future appears golden.


A new cheer leader is on board to rally the crowds and garner momentum, in Alicia Keys. Will she initiate flash mobs with their new Z10s in times square? Will she sing to the top of her lungs the virtues of multi-tasking on a mobile platform like never before, as she weaves docudramas with the new story maker app?  Nothing is for certain but she sure will make it more fun to have a Z10!

Super Bowl 47, today, February 3, 2013 is on and the first BlackBerry ad is anticipated by many fans.  Contrary to the pundits, there are near 79 million BlackBerry users world wide and as the week begins and the Canadians and Chinese get to buy the new Z10, America will have to wait a few more weeks, thanks to all the negative press over the last few years that has eroded the ranks of the former RIM employees in Waterloo and the market presence in the USA.  To some degree the older BlackBerry phones were unable to match up to the competition, but not in all market segments.  None the less, it remains to be seen if the underdog can come from behind.  Go Baltimore Ravens, a former CFL (Canadian Football League, Baltimore Stallions) franchise–it is fitting that the first Super Bowl ad by the underdog BlackBerry is one that pins an underdog Canadian legacy team against the venerable 49ers.  With New Orleans and BlackBerry trending together in Canada at launch, the crystal ball says a touchdown and more than a field goal or two are due for the underdogs!


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