BlackBerry Z10 Phones Go to Market Today in Canada and Soon in China

Ahead of the store placement of BlackBerry Z10 product, Bell is the first mobile company to put out its Z10 ad.  It is also a 30 second spot like yesterday’s Super Bowl ad.  Kind of cute–check it out:

“Bell says orders for the Z10 have topped any previous BlackBerry model, while one Carphone Warehouse Group Plc (CPW) outlet in the U.K., where the phone has been on sale since Jan. 31, sold out of the model in under half an hour, local staff said.”-source-Bloomberg.

The stock under the new NASDAQ symbol, BBRY,  was up 15% yesterday, closing at $14.982.

The first “Keep Moving”  ad fro BlackBerry also aired today in Canada:

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