Too Much Technology….Always “On”….Does it Desensitize Us From Real Communication?

As I sit here in front of my TV watching “House of Cards”, the new original series on Netflix (read my separate review of the series later…), I hit the pause button, what with the realization that I have not posted a new blog in several days.  My BlackBerry Playbook at my side, I decided that there was no excuse not to finally try using the app for my blog site on the device to get this out.

How many times have we seen people walking or at a restaurant communicating, phones in hands, with their facebook friends or sending out that tweet, sharing with their extended digital circle of friends, that dinner moment? All the while face to face communication with the people they are with seems stifled or labored. How socially “connected” are we really with that moment? Are our extended tweets and wall posts diluting our abilities to communicate face to face, are we losing skills and brain neuro-connections that will impact the evolution of humankind where our on line lives for some of us become more real than our on ground lives? Are new generations less likely to be able to work with people face to face?

I, like many, value the ability to type out a blog in bed on my tablet (or phone), but no doubt this accessibility to reach out wherever and whenever, has a new evolving code of etiquette, a new evolving “socialization” that will change, is changing, how we interact, react and adapt to our social conditions, depending on how “wired” we really are.

Maybe it is a good idea to take the time to disconnect today to share some special Valentine’s day love,  face to face, with those who matter most to us!

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