Home Made Hashed Browns or “Kartoffeln Pouffe” mit Eggs Vegetable Medeley


1 large potatoe per person; the bigger the person the larger the tatoe!

1 small onion


3 or 4 carrots

2 cloves garlic


2 to 3 borccoli spears

Cheddar cheese

canola oil

extra virgin olive oil



large pan for kartofellen

smaller pan for scrambled eggs

wooden spatula

flat for flipping potatoe pancake


vegetable peeler

PREP TIME: 30 minutes, start with potatoe pie first and then prep and cook the egg medeley


A)Start by hashing/shredding the potatoes into pan with 3mm 1/8 inch canola oil


seaon with salt and pepper to taste

add some shredded cheese (optional)

flatten in pan and cook about 15 min until brown on the bottom and then flip; the time to brown will depend on type of potatoe. I like yukon gold for a creamey pancake.

B)Prepare the Vegetable Medeley


This is a good chance to scour the fridge for vegetables that need attention!

Dice all the vegetables, onion and garlic and toss in a pan coated with 3mm or about 1/8″ of extra virgin olive oil and stir fry the vegetables to desired crunch level.

Beat one egg per person and add half as much milk as egg white and mix the batter.

Toss batter over vegetables, season with salt and pepperl grate some cheddar cheese, scramble or make as an omelletre.

C)Plate egg vegetable medeley with kartoffeln and enjoy!



The simple things in life are good!


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