Spinach Neufchâtel Cheese Cream Sauce Tossed Over Fettucine

Note:  This dish will easily serve and satisfy four people as a main course; add breaded chicken, salmon or a pork chop as a side dish.  I cook in bulk and use left overs throughout the week for lunch and/or dinner. as needed, even just for myself.


2 one lb (454 gram) boxes/packs of Fettucine

1 slab of  Neufchâtel Cheese (this is less fattening than cream cheese which can also be used)

taragon as a spice  ( I like using hte frsh taragon)

pepper s a spice


extra virgin olive oil

1 large bag of spinach

1 large onion

3 cloves garlic (use less if you prefer)




1 large stir fry pan or wok

1 deep pot for cooking pasta

cutting board

sauce utensil for stirring and mixing ingredients

PREP TIME: 20 – 30 minutes


set the pot of water to boil for the pasta to cook

add olive oil to the wok or stir fry pan–enough to coat the bottom with 1/8 of an inch, 2-3 mm

chop the onion, scallions, garlic, and sautee in skillet

re-wash spinach (even if pre-washed) and drain in collander

add spinach to the skillet when onions are golden brown

chop 12 mushrooms or as many as you like and add to stir fry

stir while seasoning with taragon, pepper and sea salt to taste–remember that you cannot remove a seasoning, but can always add more individually to a dish

chop the Neufchâtel Cheese into small cubes and let dissolve or mix in with the spinach stir fry, stirring on low heat

cover the stir fry and let cook on  low heat

add the pasta to the boiling water and season with iodized salt or sea salt no more than a tea spoon

save a cup or two of the starchy water from the pasta mix before draining water from it to add to cream sauce to change consistency, as needed, add 1/8 of a cup of the starchy water until it is to your liking

cook pasta to taste following package instructions for tender or al dente

drain pasta

mix into the cheese sauce

serve and enjoy!


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