Enterprise Mobilty Discussion at NYC BlackBerry Experience


“We’ve brought fun back into the BlackBerry…..The Hub is great, as is the balance between work and play.”, Richard Piasentin, Vice President and Managing Director BlackBerry,  USA Sales, Marketing & Operations.  This is one aspect of the new BlackBerry 10 platform that was impressed on the attendees today in the NYC leg of “BlackBerry Experience Forum”.


“The minute we are out in the USA, we’re enterprise ready”, Jeff. “I want to apologize for the “Mobile Confusion”, branding…we’re back to BES”.


Peter from Skaden,legal firm, testimonial. All lawyers were provided cell phones, laptops, BYOD, common set of security is what we Peter is looking for in the work environment.  Skaden was part of the enterprise pilot, uniquely took three devices and cycled them on a week to 10 day plan, so most of the lawyers would experience the new BB10. Surprisingly, the younger, just out of school lawyers wanted to keep BB10 devices. Our experience is that flexibility is built in with balance.  Peek function is his fave, also keeping the flow. Waiting on carriers in the USA to roll the devices out.  So far in their European client sites, people are very happy.


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