Personal and Work With Same Native User Experience


John demos live BES 10 system on stage at the NYC BlackBerry Experience Forum.”I notice IOS device is being left out, Greg, “good idea, don’ t want to take down the mail server in Waterloo.”

How to provision an app in the work space that an employee wants:  BES 10 allows for optional work apps to be set for a specific user. Copy an app from BlackBerry world and paste it to the admin console and it becomes available for use.


Security is built into the DNA of BES and BB10.  The message we got from Wall St., Bay St., hospitals etc, is that it does not matter how sexy the new platform is, but if it is not secure to the core, “I don’t want it!”


How do we provide control to the enterprise and yet privacy to the end user? I ‘m a hockey dad, but I need to have one view on the calendar, but separate and secure. Personal apps are in personal sandbox.  The result is one device with the same native experience for work and personal.


“Secure Workspace” is a new product within BES 10. Can manage and secure IOS and Android devices.



4200 unique enterprise and government entities already signed up in North America for the “Enterprise Ready” Transition programme.


If this blog makes your life more fun, download the “PFCSystems” app on BlackBerry World:


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