Indications That BlackBerry Will Do Well in The USA With OS 10

by Fernando Commodari, Ph.D.

Today, in one short month, we hit 1000 plus views on our site (1000th hit at about noon EST). Thank you for your readership!  Of the people coming to this site, which seems to attract an international audience, as many Americans as Canadians are viewing the blog. Most of these views, by both nationals, in the “BlackBerry” Category, are on how to side load Android applications.  Considering that the Z10 has not yet gone to market in the USA, I find this to be representative of a keen interest for the product in the USA which should translate into sales.  If the trends seen in the UK and Canada carry over in the USA market, then we can expect significant “cross-over” from former IOS and Android users, in addition to loyal BlackBerry followers.

The Z10  is expected to be launched by T-Mobile to its business clients by mid March, and soon thereafter to the general consumer market.  AT&T and Verizon should be coming to market within a similar time frame with the Z10.

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One thought on “Indications That BlackBerry Will Do Well in The USA With OS 10

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