Our New App is Now Available for All BlackBerry Devices

Please, download our new app for easy access to all of our latest stories: Providing factual, well researched articles that people can use to enhance their livelihood with articles that filter through the “hype” focusing on how entertainment, food, news, science, technology and travel impact people’s lives.

On Cell Phones (including  OS 5.x to 7.x and OS10)


On the playbook tablet:

IMG_00001106 IMG_00001103

IMG_00001107IMG_00001104 IMG_00001105


Release 1.0 (Approved)
File Bundle Name Platform Min OS Files Devices
OS5 and OS6 BBOS 5.0.0 12 19
OS7 BBOS 7.0.0 12 14
Playbook QNX 1.0.7 1 1
OS10 QNX 10.0.0 1 3


Download the “PFCSystems” app on BlackBerry World:



One thought on “Our New App is Now Available for All BlackBerry Devices

  1. Uhm…I have purchased it–am I the only one 😦 for my Playbook, and I love it (yep–ok–I’m biased..but just a little..)….seems to work really well. I do not see it listed in the BB10 catalog yet–at least not with my Dev Alpha A. Has anyone on older (BB OS 5-7) non-QNX based devices checked it out? All good? How about anyone with a Z10 or Q10? Thanks, for your support and feedback! 😉

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