Some Thoughts on Optimizing BlackBerry 10 (and Any) Cell Phone Battery Performance


by Fernando Commodari, Ph.D.


Turn the phone off to charge fully at night, once in a while, if not every night.  I found that the device icons for “unplugged” and “charging” were indicators that things were working.

Turn location services off and keep them off, unless needed in an app, but don’t leave them on even with the app running. Check and set minimum in app syncs (longer times to sync) and location services off!  When you launch 4Sq and it tells you it needs location services–hit cancel!  It only needs this if you want to search places near you or pin your location;turn location on for ONLY those instances.

Exit from apps not currently in use.

Turn Bluetooth off when not in use.

Turn NFC off.

Turn wifi off when not in use.

Turn wifi on as a preferred method when available.

Set the Display brightness in settings>display to ZERO  and screen lock timeout to 20 seconds.

For each “account” in settings>acounts set the sync interval to 30 minutes or longer, can always hit the instant sync when want to check mail.

Do you really need every social network known in your hub feed?  Limit these to the key ones.

Do you really need every email account known in your hub feed?  Limit these to the key ones.

Plug the device into a wall outlet or car outlet whenever you can; try to do so when the phone is 30-50% charged.  This will fully charge the battery.

On the BB10, the charging LED should flash when phone is charging; unplug and reconnect the charger until you see the “charge” thunder bolt icon, and flashing LED.  Let it charge FULLY overnight in off mode.

Carry an extra charged battery for when you are on the move for a long time.

Get an app to monitor the battery level such as “Battery Watch” or “Battery Lover”:


I prefer “Battery Lover”, as it seems to have less of a drain on the battery, when running in minimized background mode, and also provides a more accurate battery temperature. It uses red to indicate a “charge” zone, yellow for “get ready to charge” and green for “good”. It also indicates when it is charging (plugged in) discharging (unplugged) and charged/full. Batteries are chemical cells, and not every battery is the same; just think without the chemistry we would not have cell phones at all or phones as thin or small as they are. The battery tech evolved (the size of cell phones decreased in going form Zn, to Ni to Li Electrochemical cells or batteries) and the Li chemistry makes the smaller/thinner phones possible.   Every battery is unique so be ready to experiment with your battery. Although, I would normally recommend charging the battery at a level no less than 30%, my battery seems to really charge when I let it go to a 10%  remaining charge. My phone rapidly charges (with the OEM supplied wall charger) at a rate of 1.8% battery charge per minute; so it reaches 100% charged in about 55 minutes:



After, I discharged the phone to zero and let it charge overnight in “off” mode, I was able to get 10 hours of use, following the tips above, with a battery discharge rate of about 10% per hour:



Before discharging the phone to zero charge and recharging twice, and with not following the above tips, I was lucky to get 3.5 to 4 hours of use unplugged.



“Battery Lover” offers an accurate battery temperature, and uses the colors red to indicate a “stop and charge” zone, yellow for “get ready to charge” and green for “good”. It also indicates the phone status: when it is charging (plugged in), discharging (unplugged) and charged/full. In minimized mode, it clearly and easily shows the battery level.  It does not drain much of the battery charge in its use, whereas “Battery Watch” may drain the battery much more rapidly, even when minimized.  The “hotter” the battery, the more “work” is being done by it!

Download the “PFCSystems” app on BlackBerry World:


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