A Little Chemistry is Good:Training Your Li Battery to Power Your (Z10) Cell Phone With More Muscle

by Fernando Commodari, Ph.D.

In a previous post we provided

Thoughts on Optimizing BlackBerry 10 (and Any) Cell Phone Battery Performance


I’d like to discuss here some basic Chemistry.  A Li battery, like any battery, is based on an electrochemical cell that has an “anode” and cathode” and we know these to be of opposite charge:  –  and  +.  Such a cell produces energy “spontaneously” by taking up and losing electrons and ions on different sides or compartments of the “cell”.  In one direction (unplugged from outlet, state of the phone) of this chemical “equilibrium” , the cell produces energy until all of the ions needed to produce energy are used up; this is what happens in our approach to zero charge (which, in the ideal case,  is not a real zero or the battery might completely die!).  At this point we absolutely need to charge the battery or plug into a wall outlet or car charger.  By doing so, we are reversing the chemical reaction, in the chemical cell to produce back the ions needed for the spontaneous “battery”  to return to 100 % charged. So, how do we train our chemical cell to give us more energy or battery juice/charge over the longest duration?  Ok, well, I’m using by own Dev Alpha A device now to generate some data that I hope will be useful in answering that question.  Check back soon to find out …back to the lab I go… 😉


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