Interest In BlackBerry 10 By Country Shows USA is Up Top-In Top Five

by Fernando Commodari, Ph.D.

Recently, I wrote about:

Indications That BlackBerry Will Do Well in The USA With OS 10

I’d like to provide an update, as our hits of (near 1000) people interested in side-loading android apps on the BB10 devices have reached twice the level of the last such post (above link).  Thus, the findings of these 1000 people showing interest in BB10 are more significant.  As the map below shows, Canada tops the list with the USA, UK, India, UAE, Germany, Thailland, Indonesia, France, Malaysia, Spain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Russian Federation, SA, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, The Netherlands, Turkey, Colombia, Argentina and other countries then following.  What I find interesting, is that the USA is right behind Canada, while being the only country of the top 10 where BlackBerry Z10 phones have yet to be in-store. The population of the USA is 10x that of Canada, so in terms of actual numbers, we might expect 10x more Americans will purchase Z10 devices. With all the relentless negative press and the uncertainty in BlackBerry’s marketing prowess and carrier commitments to selling the devices in-store, I would not expect to see this actual scaling.  There is interest in the Z10 and OS 10 products in the USA, as we can clearly see from the figures below, of (near 1000) people interested in side-loading android apps. I would expect the turnover from iOS, and Android devices to likely be the same in the USA as in the UK/Canada, on a percentage basis, even if the percent of the USA population actually purchasing Z10 phones who buy cell phones might be less predictable, yet with substantial in-store/retail purchases in the USA.





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One thought on “Interest In BlackBerry 10 By Country Shows USA is Up Top-In Top Five

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