Quinoa Stuffed Peppers With Tamarind Marinated Halibut


SERVES 4– (I cook in bulk and save left overs for lunch/dinner;can keep in fridge for a week at least)


1 Deep skillet

1 sauce pan

cutting board

kitchen knife; wooden sauce spatula



1 cup quinoa

2 very large or 4 large sized peppers of any color, mix and match colors 😉

1 can (28oz/794 g) of crushed or diced tomatoes

3 cloves of garlic

1 whole onion

1/2 of a 10 Oz/ 284 g container of Baby Bella or porcini mushrooms diced

10 oz of mozarella


olive oil

spices: salt, pepper

3/4 of a 16 oz/454 g jar of Mexican salsa–can vary, mild or hot to your liking

1 bottle (10oz/300g) of tamarind sauce for marinating  the four halibut filets







1)Preparing the fish

marinate over night in tamarind sauce (can substitute with home made 50:50 soy sauce:balsamic vinegar)

In an oven grilling pan or stove-top searing pan grill/sear the fish on both sides

(Tip–use Al foil in the botom of the grilling pan to collect drippings and make cleaning easier)

2)Swell the quinoa first, as cook the sauce to fold the quinoa into:

a)Swell the quinoa:

measure 1 cup of the quinoa and put in sauce pan with two cups of water

bring to a boil and then let simmer covered for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally as the quinoa absorbs the water and swells

turn fire off when ready until ready to fold into the sauce prepared below

b)Prepare the Sauce:

chop up the onions, garlic and mushrooms and stir fry/saute in 1/8″ or 3mm extra virgin olive oil in the deep skillet

add the diced/crushed tomatoes reserving the tomato juice in the can

add the Mexican salsa

cook over medium heat for 10 minutes

add 2TBSP of sherry or red wine and simmer for 10 more minutes

fold in with constant stirring the quinoa

3)Put 2a and 2b together and bake at 325F :

pre-heat oven to 325F

place pepper halves in a baking pan that has half of the tomato sauce/juice left over from the crushed/diced can of tomatoes

fill peppers with the quinoa mixture (should take half the mixture, depending on the size and number of peppers)

thin remainder with rest of reserved juice and pour around the peppers

sprinkle the shredded mozzarella over the peppers and bake uncovered in the oven for 30-35 minutes (15 min in a convection oven)

remove form oven and let rest for 15 minutes

plate with the halibut and serve with fresh basil and enjoy!

Check out another serving of our quinoa stuffed peppers:

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The Simple Things in Life are Good!IMG_00001155

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