TeaTimer and Q10

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Please read at first my story ‘Behind the scenes‘.

TeaTimer should run on Touch and Keyboard devices, so I just did a first implementation and here are my experiences.

Redesign Layout Homescreen for Q10

Q10 has less space available: 720×720 instead of 768×1280. It’s worth rethinking the layout. Some screens worked out-of-the-box, but the startscreen got a redesign for Q10.

first decisions:

  • Moving the DropDown on top over the images
  • Making the ActionBar as Overlay to avoid distortion of images.


You have to reserve 96 Pixel for the DropDown UI Control.

If you expand the DropDown, it doesn’t use the complete space of the screen – only 50% were used from my experiences. Setting  the height to a higher value doesn’t work. My first idea to make the Images invisible if DropDown is expanded, doesn’t look good with only half screen occupied by the DrowDown.

My solution: move…

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