BBRY Closes Near $16 USD (up near 7%) Two Days Before Going In Store with New Z10 in USA


BlackBerry stock has gone up near $10 in about six-seven months or on average @$1.45/month, since September 2012:


This forward trajectory continues, and with the in-store placement of the Z10  in the USA by this Friday, March 22, 2013, I would expect the stock to continue to do well. Contrast this with Nokia’s stock which has remained flat over the last 6.5-7 months and to Apple stock which is clearly on the decline over the same period.  With the newly re-designed OS, BlackBerry 10, based on QNX, BBRY is uniquely positioned to move forward with the new embedded machine to machine (m2m) systems and to bring out more sophisticated hardware.

IMG_00000252 IMG_00000254IMG_00000250

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