BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins, On Pierce Morgan Live at 09:50 EST


Right after discussing the latest impasse in the Middle East the avid BlackBerry user, Pierce Morgan, had CEO, Thorsten Heins on his show this evening, March 20, 2013, at @ 09:50 EST.  When asked why his two boys should switch from the iPhone, by Pierce, Thorsten responded that he thinks “that with the new BlackBerry Z10 there is an advantage over Apple’s much older and dated iOS. There’s no in and out, in and out with the BlackBerry Z10, you just flow and flick and use the hub for all your messages and social media.” Heins stated that three main features that are unique to BB10 and should bring people back are 1)BlackBerry “Balance” to separate work and personal on one device, 2)the new user interface with the new “Hub”, “Peek and Flow” and 3)the smart keyboard with the legendary physical keyboard on the Q10. Pierce, said that he did like the new device and that he was a supporter  and  stated, “I hope that the new devices do well because I like them.”


IMG_00001605 IMG_00001611 IMG_00001613 IMG_00001620

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