Which Ad Do You Like More Apple v. BlackBerry and Tell Us Why, Take Our Poll



The minute plus BlackBerry ad works better for me than the 30 second version, but still the Apple ad conveys more product info in 30 Seconds:

but the 30 second version of the BlackBerry ad does not have enough product info like the above 30 sec Apple ad; maybe re-edit the 1 minute plus ad into a new 30 sec spot with more product info?:

Sound off–take our poll or comment below:

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5 thoughts on “Which Ad Do You Like More Apple v. BlackBerry and Tell Us Why, Take Our Poll

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  2. I finally, saw the 1 minute full version of the “keep Moving” ad on HGTV tonight,March 23, 2013 at 8:45pm, in the USA, –that version works much better than the 30 sec ad!

  3. Even looking at the minute plus ad in my link above, captions should be placed on the bottom of the frames displaying the key new OS 10 features:1)Time Shift, 2) Balance, 3)Flick Typing, 4) HUB. The captions can easily run under the ad to define the features that no one else offers. Make full use of the screen real-estate. Most people are visual “learners” so define these four key differentiators in captions using a few key words. As an example, what is time shift, we see it in the ad, but would not recognize it as a feature of OS 10 unless we have used OS10. So, as the kid begins to appear start defining time shift in a caption: “Time shift allows multiple frames of a picture in time to recreate the perfect photo” so that when we see the time shift in action image we know what we are looking at.

  4. I don’t know who does market research for BlackBerry in the USA, but the brand is in trouble and I doubt people in the USA are waiting for a physical keyboard. BBRY may own the market, but it is because no other OEM cares to go after such a small market. The big screen phones is what people want, even in Canada. The Aristo should have been the second USA phone, if not the first. Any QWERTY device should have had more screen real-estate, even if it meant using the Aristo body. My brother in Canada just bought a Galaxy S4, even after I gave him a PlayBook. Had the PB been running OS 10 he might have gotten a Z10, after playing with OS 10 first hand. He says he likes android better. All of my talk about OS 10 was not enough. BBRY Marketing is still a very weak link from research to advertising. He is a stock broker with a boutique clientele. You’d think he would feel more secure with a BlackBerry. Many stock brokers steer clear of BBRY stock. This is, I believe, mainly because of the misinformation they see out there and the lack of communication or correction by BBRY Marketing with on point ad campaigns. Cute jinlge music advertising says nothing about product differentiation/information that matters to people. Clarity is required on what makes OS10 OS 10! This is where the ads need to focus–especially in the USA where BBRY is not APPL and should not have APPL type cute ads. Heck even APPL can properly spend 30 seconds differentiating its product, the IPhone.

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