“We Aim To Be The Leading Provider of Machine to Machine Embedded Systems” -Frank Boulben


by Fernando Commodari, Ph.D.

On March 16, 2013, in an interview with the Francophone:”LE GRAND JOURNAL DE NEW YORK” published on March 18, 2013, CMO of BlackBerry, Frank Boulben stated that “BlackBerry aims to be the leading provider of machine to machine (M2M) embedded systems”, using QNX and BlackBerry 10 devices.  The company has as a goal to be the leading innovator in mobile computing, not necessarily the biggest seller of cell phones like Samsung and Apple. With QNX in everything from slot machines, cars, home appliances, medical and other devices, BlackBerry can offer novel solutions and applications with these embedded systems.

In speaking about the new Z10, Boulben stated that the marketing effort, which will kick into high-gear on USA TV the week of March Madness, will emphasize the 4 differentiators of the new BlackBerry OS 10 devices: 1)the communications HUB, 2)the virtual and upcoming Q10 physical keyboards which offer the fastest and best typing experiences of any platform, 3)BBM with video chat, voice calling, and file share and 4)BlackBerry “Balance” which allows separating “work” and “personal”  aspects of one’s life on one device. Boulben refused to provide a number for the unprecedented cost of the BlackBerry marketing campaign.  He said he took the job because it offered him the opportunity to contribute to the greatest comeback story in tech.

For those of you who are fluent in French, the interview is available here:

“LE GRAND JOURNAL DE NEW YORK”  interview with Frank Boulben, CMO, BlackBerry


The next few weeks and months will be interesting  even if the BBRY stock, thanks to the short holds (that in my opinion are going to be left holding their shorts!), will continue on its roller coaster ride.  BlackBerry is well positioned with the new OS 10 devices, with its active NFC/VISA partnership(s) to lead the way with paperless payments.  These are the beginning devices; watch for more powerful BB10 devices such as the “Aristo” to launch near the Fall. Clearly, BlackBerry is focused on moving forward towards achieving its re-invention aspirations. After just a few days of the US in-store availability of the Z10, this product is already at number 8 of the top unlocked cell phones on Amazon:

Top Unlocked Cell Phones on Amazon

Users have given the Z10 4.5/5 stars:

Z10 Reviews on Amazon

With the upcoming “real time” ad campaigns BlackBerry 10 is set to “invade” iPhone and Android screens with full takeover ads :

BlackBerry Real-Time Ad Campaign

Stay tuned to this site to keep moving forward as BlackBerry is about to have some of the most exciting times since it invented the mobile communications platform, as it redefines mobile computing.

We’ll be reviewing the upcoming “BlackBerry Keyboard Challenges”  pitting the new virtual keyboard against Android and iPhone users.

This week, here in NYC, our home base for 20 plus years, we’ll be watching the T-Mobile (March 26, 2013) and Verizon (March 28, 2013) in-store arrivals.  No one knows the NYC area better than us; we understand the cultural nuances, and multi-lingual aspects, and have the in-store links to bring you timely, accurate, unbiased data/information, without the hype.  We’ll be watching the markets on Thursday, March 28, 2013, as BlackBerry reports its Quarter earnings.  You can count on us to tell it like it is!


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