BBRY Stock Moving Up Again After two Days of Declines


by Fernando Commodari, Ph.D.

March 26, 2013; 13:00 EST

BlackBerry (BBRY) shares picked up more than 1% to $14.38 after two days of losses following the U.S. launch of its Z10 . In an early note, Bernstein Research predicted a strong earnings report from the company on Thursday.  The new media deal with Viacom and Univision may be prompting the rise, along with the in-store release of the BlackBerry Z10 at T-Mobile.

“We expect gross margins 7 points ahead of consensus expectations, as Blackberry 10 units enter the mix and high margin service fees persist,” analyst Pierre Ferragu wrote in his note. “On that basis, we expect the stock to respond favorably to the quarter’s reporting.”


Jefferies and Nomura Go Head to Head on CNBC

(I am long on BBRY; no comments on the Stock Market or specific stocks on this site are to be taken as advice for buying/selling any stock!)


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