A Look At The T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 Launch in The NYC Area


Today, March 26, 2013, I visited a T-Mobile store in Westchester County at an outdoor mall. Although, there was no signage for the BlackBerry Z10, the associates and store manager were very enthusiastic about having the device.  Apparently ten Z10 devices were sold of the 20 in stock.  Eddie told me that they were waiting on the new display for the Z10.  He told me that customers have been coming in on a regular pace to get one.  He told me about the delay with the HTC “One” and explained the new “Simple  Choice” plan.


I also went by a local independent carrier, my neighborhood re-seller whom I have visited over the last 4 weeks, and shared my Dev Alpha A with, while showing him the full release new BB10 OS on it.   He is anxiously awaiting his stock of BlackBerry 10 devices that are due this Friday and he plans to “sell like hell”, as they are different and should fly off the shelf with the “Simple  Choice” plan pricing.

Last night I visited a Staples, and spoke to the manager who was not too current about the new OS. So, I demonstrated the product (BlackBerry when am I getting my check?!  😉 ) Apparently, the dummy devices and signage was to be set up on launch day, and they had received inventory.

My general impression is that the carrier retail outlets and the independent retail outlets are more motivated to sell the Z10 than Best Buy.  Stay tuned as I plan to visit carrier AT&T and Verizon retail outlets soon!


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