Maximizing ROI on BlackBerry OS 10 Marketing


by Fernando Commodari, Ph.D.

Brand awareness in the USA is not very good for BlackBerry these days.  In spite of the new “Keep Moving” ad campaign on USA TV, which unfortunately does not do a good job at differentiating the Z10/Q10 offerings, many consumers have no idea that the phones are different from past BlackBerry devices, with a new QNX based OS, and are now in store in the USA.  These  30 second spots could be ads for any smartphone!  Not much time is spent showing off what the phone can do compared to the iPhone 30 second ads. The ads don’t even mention (as of this writing) that the Z10 is now available at Amazon, Best Buy, T-Mobile, and AT&T (in store with Verizon by tomorrow)! I’ve written about this already in several other posts on this blog.

So, how can BlackBerry maximize marketing ROI?  I have a Dev Alpha A device running the OS 10 full-on, and it is sweet.  There are no issues with regards to RAM/memory slowing anything down. I point this out since essentially the DEV Alpha A device is similar (aside from physical size) to the hardware specifications of the legacy PlayBooks out there, already in market. The newer 4G LTE PlayBooks have a more powerful processor and RAM offering. The best marketing BlackBerry can do is to put out BB OS10 updates OTA for the legacy and 4G PlayBooks already in people’s hands. There are millions out there anxious to have the update. The buzz and excitement generated and word of mouth demonstrations will have the most immediate marketing impact and the biggest return on the investment (ROI) of the time spent to get the OS on the PlayBooks!  The OS already exists, so doing this should be a no-brainer!



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