Purge of Plentiful Apps On My OS 10 Device


Is it that I am older and not app crazed, that having 21 pages of 16 apps or 336 apps all of a sudden seems crazy!  Frankly, I can name on one or two hands, maximum, the apps I use on a regular basis on my Dev Alpha Device: FourSquare, CB10, numerous Weather Apps (I still like the android Accuweather app best, and will delete the other 4 or five soon!), N4BB, CNBC  (android), CNNMoney  (android), World Stock Market, TV Guide (android), NYCSubway (and every subway/train app I could find for when I am in say London or Washington or Barcelona, next!) , WordPress, Bloomberg (android), Gas Buddy, Poynt (android), Battery Lover, several news apps, and ofcourse the native Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn apps (as well as several android versions of these– that I used in the past and still have in case the native apps disappear,  or it just makes me feel good to have the familiar android versions as “back-up”). I also like Kayak, T-Mobile My Account, but I don’t use these everyday, and I am experimenting with BlackBerry Travel and several airline apps.  I also like my own app, PFCSystems (I am biased!).  You get the idea, more apps than I can list or show screen captures of without boring you.

I have several apps that I have no idea what they do or with so few users that I know on them that I have to question why I have them at all, ooVoo, Whatsapp, Instagram (still can’t login!!), Waze, Pandora, Songza, Vevo, Overdrive media, Gamecontroller (uhm–never used it with my Wii or XBox–what is it for exactly???!!), Joystick, Slacker, etc, that everybody seems to have/want, so I should have them too!  I really would like Ubersocial, but my android port does not really work! Oh yes, and even though I am not big on gaming on a small screen, I have several games including the memory hog, NOVA 3 which I must delete soon, since I feel guilty that near 2GB of disk space is being eaten up by it, and I am running out of space.

So, I am going to start deleting apps soon.  I am going to catalog the top 20, if there are that many that I actually use, over the next two weeks.  Here is the plan.  I am going to add to a “Remember” file the name of every app I use and then add an “x”  next to the name every time I use it during the day.  At the end of the two weeks, I will post an article on how my app usage went.  I encourage you to try the same experiment–maybe for a week and share your top app use with us in the comments below!

IMG_00000241 IMG_00000217

Ok, time to watch a Netflix movie on my small device before Netflix loses another 2000 movies! Not, will watch “Fringe” on my big screen streamed off Netflix! Unless ofcourse, it was axed today with the likes of that Canadian staple, “South Park”.  Uhm, Netflix, do you have something against Canadiana, refusing to get on a BlackBerry OS 10 device officially and now dropping South Park?


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