BBM Channels


An exciting announcement at #blackberrylive was the introduction of BBM Channels, allowing an unprecedented platform for creating customizable “Channels” that might include one for friends only or for family only. Recently, I posted about how displeased I am with Facebook being in my face by forcing me to see up front posts I’m not interested in. The BBM Channels offer me the opportunity to use real time immediate messaging with the groups that I want to be in the “Know” with, like my family in Canada.

Thorsten Heins mentioned some interesting stats during the live keynote:

1)BBM has 60 million active users
2)50 million users spend 90 min per day on BBM
3)There are 10 billion messages per day
4)50% of the messages are read within 20 seconds
5)BBM is super fast, private and reliable

Initially BBM Channels is now available in beta zone (see separate entry on updating the BBM app on your OS 10 device). It allows the creation of private or public Channels for business or personal use. The full feature set of BBM, voice, video chat, messaging, screen share, will be added to BBM Channels Beta with frequent updates prior to launch by mid summer. The plan is also to reclaim BBM as the original mobile messaging platform by going cross platform with Android (sandwich)  and iOS6 apps later this summer. The goal is to add video chat and screen share to these platforms, while keeping BBM feature rich.

This is a clever move by BlackBerry which recognizes the historical role BBM originally played in the American market and it’s dominance, with the goal of recreating this. Once people can communicate cross platform with BBM Channels in unique, immediate and purposeful ways for them, there is no better way for them to be socialized into perhaps taking a look at the latest BlackBerry mobile devices.




Check out:

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