How To Recover 2.2 GB For File Storage on My BlackBerry Dev Alpha A

Recently, I wrote on my plan to log my app usage so that I can delete apps I am not using and save storage space on my BlackBerry Dev Alpha A:

Purge of Plentiful Apps On My OS 10 Device

I can report, rather qualitatively, at this time, that I hardly use the browser and really don’t play role play games on my Dev Alpha A, likely for the same reason, I prefer the bigger screen of my PlayBook for those two function or my gaming console with a controller.  An obvious delete thus is N.O.V.A. 3.  Even though I got this game for free, I just cannot justify, based on my usage of the game on this device, having an app or game that takes better than 2GB.  I rather have more memory for my photos and for taking more photos.  As a quick report on my usage, I find that I use the same two or three apps to check on BlackBerry news, but I mainly use the web on my lap top or PlayBook with a Google search for this.  I use two or three weather apps. I still like the android port of Accuweather best as it has a nifty graphical view and reports the humidity.  The native Accuweather (not “weather” so much) app is also used.  I use an android port of Bloomberg a fair bit to check on stocks.  I like the news feature associated with this app. I use Foursquare a fair bit, POYNT for movies, the native social apps: FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I use Whatsapp to keep in touch with friends outside the USA, as very few of them seem to have a BlackBerry, so BBM is not an option, although it is superior to Whatsapp.  I use WordPress a fair bit, Remember, BlackBerry Travel, GasBuddy, BBM and Battery Lover (even if I am annoyed that the latest version does not correctly report the battery temperature!). I use Stuff I need for my grocery shopping. I like the running list, and I can just check or uncheck an item; who doesn’t usually buy the same stuff?  I use the native NY Times app, CBC News, USA Today and the android ports of CNN, Sky and ABC News as well as the native Al Jazeera app.  I use Cooklet, although my own app, PFCSystems, is great for news and recipes too.  I like and use the android port of the Associated Press app.

What apps do you use most? Let us know in the comments below; we want to hear from you!



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