So How is BBRY Fairing When Compared to AAPL and NOK Over The Last Year


By Fernando Commodari, Ph.D.

There appears to be much speculation on the failings or success of BBRY, and those who continue to be bearish were in that position a year ago when the BlackBerry product portfolio consisted of OS 7 devices. So what has changed with the company and what is being ignored?

BlackBerry has 1)re-invented itself by developing a new OS for its new hardware, OS 10, in record time, that is innovative and the newest OS on the market;  2)launched two new smartphones, the Z10 and Q10,  leveraging the unique features of this OS:a)Time Shift, b) Balance, c)Flick Typing,  d) HUB; 3)geared up to market the Q5 in emerging and likely other targeted (teenage) markets–not a used cell phone–but a new product, and 4)defined a vision for machine to machine control using the BlackBerry 10 OS and QNX.

Where is the BBRY stock one year later:


AAPL stok has dropped from a high of near $700 to $442 dollars today.  Nokia has not moved much from the $3.50 mark, but in spite of all of the negative press, and some marketing misses, BBRY, stock is better than 100% above where it was a year ago, closing  today at $13.86 on NASDAQ and $14.10 on the TSE.  With three more products to launch this year, including the Aristo 5″  phablet, the best is yet to come.  With two new phones, the Z10 and Q10, and with the Q10 now out in the USA, this week, the race is just beginning as BBRY gears up its production in key markets to capitalize on selling the new phones globally.

It is a good bet that the short sellers are out to flood the market with negative press to help their own cause, in spite of the re-invented BlackBerry.  Sure, the company can do a better job of evangelizing and staying on point on the OS 10 message in its marketing campaigns, but it is doing many of the right things by bringing to market a new portfolio of OS 10 devices with the newest OS for many global markets, simultaneously.  In this respect, BBRY has become a global market leader, in a unique position to define new machine to machine mobility and to dominate emerging markets.  It can carve  a niche in this new mobile computing space encompassing QNX which is at the root of the machine to machine infrastructure that BlackBerry has a huge stake in defining, and building and in controlling multiple mobile devices with BlackBerry OS10 and its smartphones.

I am long on BBRY & NOK, nothing on this site should be viewed as advice on the stock market or a preference/advice to purchase one stock over another.


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