Girl Loses Friends Because Her Phone Is Too Big To Carry

Get a BlackBerry Z10, when size matters!


Somewhere on the dance floor, she vanished. It would have a been no problem, except her smartphone was so large she left it at coat check. In the pursuit of a big, beautiful screen, she’d sacrificed why people carry phones in the first place. We had no way to find her in the massive nightclub, and we never saw her again.

This was my eye-opening experience in Singapore this week. Smartphone innovation has focused on power and pizazz rather than efficiency, and that has its downsides.

With today’s technology, we could surely have small, lightweight, long-battery, nearly indestructible phones capable of calling, SMS, and perhaps that even run Android so they could use messaging apps. They wouldn’t  need a big screen or heavy processing power. They’d be portable and reliable above all else.

Our lost little friend certainly could have benefited from such a device. She spent the night at…

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