The Enterprise App Economy

App yapp!


Editor’s note: Aaron Levie is CEO and co-founder of Box. Follow him on Twitter @levie.

Next week, thousands of developers will converge on WWDC, the vast majority representing companies and products that didn’t exist before the creation of Apple’s iPhone and App Store.

They’ll talk about the future of mobile gaming, photo sharing and, of course, Snapchat. But what likely won’t be center stage is how transformative Apple’s devices and ecosystem have been in the enterprise.

The enterprise world was once solidly dominated by PCs. Today, nearly all of the Fortune 500 are testing iPads. Combined, Apple and Android (and Android’s partners) represent nearly 91 percent of smartphones and tablets used today. And it’s not just that people are buying a new category of device; they’re actually buying fewer PCs in aggregate, as well. In the last holiday season, PC shipments sunk 6 percent, the first decrease…

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