BlackBerry has Released the Next Update for BBM Channels


BlackBerry has released the next update for BBM Channels. From their site:

Now available in the latest and greatest BBM Channels beta:

  • Search for Channels: Within the “Browse Channels” tab, you can now search for and discover new channels! There are thousands of channels out there – and we’re excited to hear which ones you love.
  • Active Text for Channel PINs Within BlackBerry OS: Just like regular BBM PINs, if you post a BBM Channel PIN, it will be clickable – so now you can share your Channel PIN in Facebook or Twitter and help more friends discover your Channel. (Coming to BlackBerry 10 with the 10.1 update mid-summer)
  • Browse Content Tab in BB10, Shows New Content Only: Why feature channels you already subscribe to, right? Within the Browse Channels tab, featured channels are displayed. With this release, BBM hides channels that you already subscribe to from this view.
  • Deleting My Own Channel: Users may now delete their own channels from the device. Critical for those who later decided their channel theme was a bad idea.
  • Repost Channel Content: BBM Channels now allows you to repost content in your own channel. If you find something funny or cool in another channel, share it within your channel! Don’t just keep it to yourself – help your friends discover awesome content too.
  • View Subscriber Count: Users may now see the total number of subscribers to a channel, from the channel preview screen.
  • Support for Animated GIF’s: Yes, it’s true! Whether you pronounce it “G”IF or “J”IF, BBM Channel owners may now add an animated GIF to their posts, bringing motion and a richer experience to their channels.


You can head over to the BlackBerry Betazone, get the latest client, and go have some fun:

It is available for OS 7 and prior legacy OS devices with an OTA updtae.
For BlackBerry 10 you will need to :
1)download the Keyloader executeable file
2)attach your device
3)check your email for the signing key to enter when prompted after executing or running the Keyload file
4)enter your attached devices password
Check for the basic download and info on installation for BlackBerry 10 devices here:

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