How Many Perogis Make a Ukrainian Festival?

This past weekend, we attended two festivals, one being the annual Yonkers, Ukrainian Festival. This, and the Greek Festival, at Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church,  are fun to go to, and to just enjoy the cultural nuances of the Ukraine and Greece.  The Ukrainian Festival featured 14000 perogis.  Drop us a line and let us know what your favorite local festival is and, if Ukrainian,  how many “perogis”!? Here are some photos (click on the images to view full-size; all images taken with BlackBerry OS 10 Dev Alpha A):

Greek Festival:

IMG_00001191IMG_00001067 IMG_00001062

IMG_00001057 IMG_00001060 IMG_00001061 IMG_00001065

Ukrainian Festival:IMG_00001098

IMG_00001084 IMG_00001085 IMG_00001104IMG_00001086 IMG_00001088

IMG_00001089 IMG_00001090 IMG_00001105 IMG_00001106

IMG_00001107 IMG_00001112 IMG_00001113 IMG_00001114 IMG_00001115

IMG_00001091 IMG_00001092 IMG_00001093

IMG_00001148 IMG_00001149 IMG_00001150 IMG_00001151IMG_00001152 IMG_00001153 IMG_00001154 IMG_00001155 IMG_00001156 IMG_00001157IMG_00001158 IMG_00001159 IMG_00001160 IMG_00001161 IMG_00001162 IMG_00001163 IMG_00001164 IMG_00001165 IMG_00001166 IMG_00001167 IMG_00001168 IMG_00001169 IMG_00001170 IMG_00001171 IMG_00001172 IMG_00001173 IMG_00001174 IMG_00001175

IMG_00001099 IMG_00001100 IMG_00001101 IMG_00001102 IMG_00001116 IMG_00001117 IMG_00001118 IMG_00001120 IMG_00001122 IMG_00001123 IMG_00001124 IMG_00001125 IMG_00001128 IMG_00001144 IMG_00001145 IMG_00001146 IMG_00001147


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