Marketing Needs to Be Holistic





  1. Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

After today’s earning report debacle, I am left asking what role BlacKBerry marketing plays in the messaging component of an earnings call?  Are they there to make sure that what the CEO says won’t compromise the marketing effort? Is the messaging measured and adjusted against the global goals to grow the product offering?  Is the branding image considered, is the value on OS 10 considered? Is scripting provided/suggested to stay on point in a way that the message does not negatively impact the stock value? I alluded to much of this in my other post today:

BlackBerry Stock Down 30%

Being on point at an earnings call and in line with marketing is critical to minimize negative impact on a stock.  The messaging today should have been:

The premium OS is OS 10, but we need to put out OS7 devices for emerging markets to help with our global sales numbers around the world, as we ramp up our efforts in the USA.  

Instead, the PlayBook has become an issue and surrounding this the value that the executives are placing on OS10.  There are enough PlayBooks out there to use in a marketing effort by updating to OS10–some version of it.  I want to know what is really going on here?

My take:

As for the PlayBook either don’t mention it or leave developing the OS further/porting BB10 to it an option or explain why it is not an option, at this point.  Personally, I don’t buy into not having enough RAM for BB10, as I run OS10.0.10.648 full on on my Dev Alpha A with 1GB of RAM and similar specs to the legacy PlayBook.  It is, even if limited as some claim in a very subjective way, a better experience for me than the PlayBook OS 2.x.]

I paid $399 for the 32GB back in the day when no one in the USA had a clue, believing/evangelizing on the OS 10 to come. Do they,BBRY, have a deal with SONY or the like to stay out of the tablet space for licensing the OS10? What is really going on? I believe that HP got in trouble with Microsoft when their tablet debacle occurred. It is time for transparency and to hold the BlackBerry executives accountable for the blood letting of the stock today! I lost $3-4 per share today–awful! Thousands of dollars,but I am long on BBRY and the stock market is a gamble where you have to be ready to lose it all! I hope this won’t happen and that the BlackBerry/RIM board has a good chat with Thor and the others on what they say in public and the ramifications. I am not impressed on the execution of many of the marketing aspects of a product/image/brand–the approach has to be holistic!  One only need look at what happened to HP while under Leo Apotheker and what appeared to be mixed messaging.  BlackBerry is not HP, and cannot survive such errors in messaging. Marketing is about perception and creating a reality. After this call things don’t look good. Are the executives looking to sell the company and exit with golden parachutes on the backs of the stock holders?  Come on guys, you can move BlackBerry forward and do better!

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