Investing Requires Risk


I am long on BlackBerry.  With the stock losing near 30% on Friday, June 28, 2013, closing at $10.46 on NASDAQ,  because of many reasons that were listed in the links below,  I lost whatever gains I had made.  Since I bought a good bulk of my shares in September of 2012, when BBRY was near $6, and overall my stock purchases were with a weighted average of about $10.4, I am not really losing money.  Yet, it hurts to give up the thousands of dollars gained.  Some would say, I should have sold it before the Friday Q1-2014 earnings report. Betting on the stock market is like gambling, you have to be willing to set aside a given dollar amount that you can risk losing intelligently.  I have faith that the bad days for BBRY are behind them, and I am optimistic that in the long term I can make money.  Now is a good time to get more stock! Sure, I am not happy with the decision, at this time, that the PlayBook is now not getting BB10, but I think that the CEO, Thorsten Heins,  is sure and steady and has conviction to take the company to profitability with good earnings for the share holders.

Now might be a good time to take a risk on BBRY since the Q10 is now in late June in the market in the USA where the Z10 has set the standard for a new mobile OS, the Q5 is about to be launched world-wide, a lower priced OS10 model, the A10 phablet is rumored to be launching this Fall, a new OS 7.2 phone leveraging BBM with BIS in developing and other markets will add to revenue while OS 10 marketing and placement in developed markets is ramped up.  Let’s not forget that the QNX based BB10 OS is a unique platform for machine to machine telematics.

I still hope that eventually the PlayBook will get a version of OS10. Come on Thor, on the PlayBook, that would be a way better experience than the current QNX OS 2.x on the PlayBook.  You can do it!  Nothing in life is perfect.

Links reviewing the June 28, 2013 earning call:

Marketing Needs to Be Holistic

BlackBerry Stock Down 30%

No article or post on this site should be viewed as recommendation for a particular stock purchase.  Betting on the stock market comes with a risk of losing money!


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