Downton Abbey–What’s The Fuss?

How can one not be attracted to a show that features the romp of man’s best friend in the opening credits?  The blaring distinctive musical score pipes up and we see a prominent image with the family canine, Isis, a Labrador, with tail wagging as the opening credits roll.


I wanted to see why many people I knew were glued to PBS on Sunday evenings for the past three seasons. I have watched the first two seasons on HuluPlus, and I am now watching season 3 on Amazon Video where all of the seasons are free for “Prime” subscribers. This is a grand soap opera with riveting dialogue and witty, interesting, characters both in the upper house (upper class) and in the lower house, kitchen and  servants’ quarters (lower class) that looks at the challenges and tribulations of British society pre- and post- the first world war. If you are looking for an intelligently written series in the soap opera genre, get caught up on Amazon Video before season 4 starts.  The production credits are first class the characters scheme and prod to survive in a house of cards that is uniquely British with enveloping cinematography.

Violet Crawley (Played by Dame Maggie Smith) in dialogue, Episode #1 of Season #3:

“It’s our duty to provide jobs”, Violet: “An aristocrat with no servant is as much use to the county as the class hammer.”

Chatting about her daughter-in-law’s mother, Violet says, “When I am with her I am reminded of the virtues of the English”.  Michael Crawley asks: “but isn’t she American?”  “Exactly!”, replies Violet.


Get cast details here:


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