Moving to OS10.1.0.1485 On My BlackBerry Dev Alpha A


For the longest time, I had been running BlackBerry OS  on my Dev Alpha A full on. I was very happy with it. I even had the latest BBM Channels with the updated BBM app:

How to Update Your BBM App to Include BBM Channels

I decided to finally remove the SIM from my trusted Dev Alpha A whose form factor I love, and open up my Z10 which now is my STL-3 phone running OS  I managed to update my Dev Alpha A to the developer OS10.1.0.1485 which for some reason does not allow configuration of the native Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn apps.  This is not a problem since I have the android versions side-loaded:

Side Loading Android Apps onto Your Playbook or BlackBerry 10 Device

I used the STL-100-1 autoloader from:

even if the site recommends the Dev Alpha B uploader for Dev Alpha A devices (which are no longer supported).  Everything works fine.  Has anyone tried the Dev Alpha B Autoloaders on the Dev Alpha A? Comment below about your findings.

As I am using BBM ad BBM Channels on my new Z10, I have not updated the  BBM app on the Dev Alpha A with OS10.1.0.1485.  It worked fine with OS

Prior to OS10.1.0.1485, I had tried some other (unofficial hybrid/non-BlackBerry released) versions that led to problems involving random/unpredictable reboots of the device, even during the set-up.  These were STL-100-1 versions of : OS and OS After putting these OS versions on the device, I tried to go back to OS, but this autoloader would crash, likely since I had a newer version of the OS. So, I decided to move forward with OS10.1.0.1485.

I am enjoying Netflix on my Dev Alpha A and Z10:

Older Android Version of Netflix Available For BlackBerry Z10


IMG_00000052 IMG_00000053

The differneces between the Dev Alpha A and B devices are outlined here:

You can find information on how to use an autoloader executeable file here:

Upgrading Your BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A or B to the Real Thing (BB10 OS


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