BlackBerry Maps App Version Not Working

I was going to post a Blog about how I liked BlackBerry Maps, but I just upgraded to the latest version,, and now the app does not open. Many people are experiencing this issue.  This is likely a prime example of pure BlackBerry  software v. carrier mitigated OS.  As an example,  I just inserted my Rogers SIM into my Dev Alpha C which worked fine with sending and receiving email.  I am using a pay as you go plan, since I am living in the USA, and this works for my visits to Canada. As I am in he USA, Rogers decided to block my data use, but somehow, even though I have wifi and the carrier radio off, Rogers insists I purchase a US data pack while “roaming”.  Now I cannot even send email over wifi. Clearly, the software worked fine before I inserted the Rogers SIM.  There are so many variables in deploying software, and with carriers all over the world, BlackBerry has its work cut out to ensure that the OS functions as it should over all these platforms.  A root cause analysis of the issue(s) leading to an update in the Maps app that fails is required, as this is a critical app that many people rely on with their smart phones.

IMG_00000539 IMG_00000538


Breaking Bad Is Back On AMC

Last Sunday, the new season or last eight episodes of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” began. Last season Mr. Walter White’s DEA brother in law had an epiphany while on the throne that Heisenberg the master metg cook was Walter. Jessie is on a guilt trip for the lives taken over the last years. This is where the end begins for this Emmy Award winning series. Have you watched the first 5 seasons? Will you be watching? Are you hoping that AMC renews the series rather than ending it? Let us know in the comments. Catch the show at 9pm on Sunday evenings.





Carrabba’s Italian Grill

As an Italian, I generally don’t go to Italian restaurants since I can cook better Italian meals at home. A friend of mine suggested we go to Carrabba’s Italian Grill. I was skeptical as living in the NYC area there is no shortage of non- chain mom and pop Italian fair.  We had a pitcher of the BlackBerry Sangria


We shared the calamari appetizer, and the calamari looked like they were cooked in a hot air popcorn cooker being very light and airy and not at all greasy or with any remaining oil from the deep fryer.  They were fluffy and almost tasted like pop corn,  without the marinara sauce which was just right.


The main dishes came with a delicious salad and the Italian dressing was done right.


I had the

Tilapia Nocciola

“Lightly breaded with hazelnuts, topped with roma tomatoes and basil lemon butter sauce.” It was one of the better pieces of fish I have had in a while.  The butter sauce was creamy and flavorful.  The fish was not over cooked and every bite was delicious!


My friend, Grace, had the sea scallops from the

Spiedino Di Mare

“Feel transported to the Italian coast with our Spiedino Di Mare. Enjoy your choice of wood-grilled shrimp or sea scallops, coated with olive oil and breadcrumbs before grilling to add flavor and keep the shrimp and scallops juicy. Topped with our lemon butter sauce, this is seafood unlike any you’ve ever experienced. Our lemon butter sauce is a perfect complement to this seafood dish, as the acidity adds brightness, balancing and enhancing the flavors of the shrimp and scallops.”


We both found her dish to be very salty.  The side we both chose was the simple cavatappi amatriciana. 

We ended the meal with the Limoncello Bread Pudding which was delicious accompanied with espresso and cappuccino.


I was pleasantly surprised by this restaurant.  My friend had visited another franchise in Florida where the chef was apparently lighter with the salt compared to the location we both visited in Seacaucus, NJ.  With sea salt and pepper available at the table, the chef should realize that it is better to use less salt than more, as not everyone has the same salt sensation/desire.  We give this restaurant a 7 out of 10 for the overall ambiance and meal, and would have given it an 8 of 10 but one entrée was just too salty, almost garnering a 6.5 out of 10. As the food is apparently made to order (some of it did taste like it was fresh, like my entrée, but some of it might have been pre-prepared like the calamari), and the overall experience was better than at some mom and pop Italian restaurants, we recommend you try this chain for yourself and let us know what you experience!

I Am Unique, I Follow The Road Less Traveled

One thing about having a new BlackBerry Z10, is that it suits my personality as a unique person. Yesterday, on the Metro North train into NYC, amidst the iPhones and Galaxy S4s, I was the only one with a new BlackBerry. Some of the stares seemed envious. Others had not seen the new Z10 or Q10 nor were they informed about “Balance” or the new OS. I gladly answered questions and demonstrated the unique OS. Pictured here are Alejandro and his son Juan Carlos, originally from Ecuador. Alejandro had his torch, so I added him to BBM. His son is happy with his IPhone, but is waiting to check out the A10. Alejandro will see if he can upgrade to a new BlackBerry. I told him to go to Best Buy to do an upgrade with his provider AT&T. Not shown are a New Zealander who will also look into upgrading now that he knows that BES 10 is not a requirement.