R.I.P Pattie (“Paddy”)


March 17, 1995 to August 1, 2013

You always were the alpha, wanting to be chased with the ball in your own version of “fetch”, giving kisses and big wet licks to me and those you liked, trusted and allowed into your inner space.  You were the real guard-dog of the bunch, having sunk your teeth in a few deserving ankles. What a joy my special “Black & White” “peppermint Pattie” , and “oreo cookie”. You were a unique creature of God, and I pray to see you again with all of your “siblings”.

R.I.P. My lovely peppermint Pattie. 1995-2013. Passed away at home, August 1, 2013. I’m very sad and sorry. A loyal companion. A homebody always by my side. My trooper. A long road with you and now my walks will be without you. I pray that Star, Shandy, Doda I, Doda II (Isca Ionio), and Cole meet up with you to be your companions. Pray we meet again.


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