BlackBerry Maps App Version Not Working

I was going to post a Blog about how I liked BlackBerry Maps, but I just upgraded to the latest version,, and now the app does not open. Many people are experiencing this issue.  This is likely a prime example of pure BlackBerry  software v. carrier mitigated OS.  As an example,  I just inserted my Rogers SIM into my Dev Alpha C which worked fine with sending and receiving email.  I am using a pay as you go plan, since I am living in the USA, and this works for my visits to Canada. As I am in he USA, Rogers decided to block my data use, but somehow, even though I have wifi and the carrier radio off, Rogers insists I purchase a US data pack while “roaming”.  Now I cannot even send email over wifi. Clearly, the software worked fine before I inserted the Rogers SIM.  There are so many variables in deploying software, and with carriers all over the world, BlackBerry has its work cut out to ensure that the OS functions as it should over all these platforms.  A root cause analysis of the issue(s) leading to an update in the Maps app that fails is required, as this is a critical app that many people rely on with their smart phones.

IMG_00000539 IMG_00000538


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