BBRY One Year Later

BBRY stock has peaked at near $20 over the last year, but sits today where it was before the launch of the OS10 phones.





All the while. APPL has been on the decline, with the loss of better than $100 per share. Nokia has almost tripled in value, at $6.60 per share from about $2.30.
Negative media and “analyst” reports have not helped BBRY. The failure to execute on plan by BBRY, a recent example being the launch of BBM, to launch cell phones of the size consumers wanted, both in the all touch and physical keyboard models, and to market, cast the company’s own downfall. Going private may shield the company from negative analyst reports, but not from the internal short comings that have brought it to the brink with losses in user base, sales and prestige. A serious shake up is required and an investigation into any wrong doing by management that will profit from golden parachutes on sale of the company to Fairfax is needed. As a share holder who was long on BlackBerry, I can’t help but feel cheated by all of the events leading to a $9 a share buyout.


Check out a plan for the future:

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