Live Streaming or Cable? BlackBerry Listen Up–We Need a PBS Live Streaming App!


There are so many options these days other than cable, and a previous post on this is here:

Netflix vs. HuluPlus vs. Amazon (Prime) Instant Video

Since this article, Hulu Plus was eliminated from my home, since I cannot deal with paying for commercials.  It’s like going to the movies and being forced to watch an ad for a product. Sorry Hulu Plus! I did remove all of the digital converter boxes from my TV sets and brought them back to my cable company with the intent to disconnect and watch the local TV channels over the air,  with streaming of Netflix on my smartTV or via my Wii,  and Amazon Prime video off of my BlackBerry PlayBook or Z10 phone.  I told them that I just wanted the internet option!  Of course, they did what they could to convince me otherwise.  They won for a while, I got $40 off my monthly bill on the infamous “triple play” with premium channels such as “Showtime”.  I went for it since I wanted to see the last season of “Dexter” and watch the last season of “Breaking Bad”.  Since there is nothing I really care to watch on premium cable, I may bring the boxes back again or ask for the “double play” at half the cost, depending on what TV channels they give me. Right now, I switch between cable and over the air. You can try using a splitter and check on the actual over the air reception near you, before making the “switch”.



The problem with over the air HD in the NYC area that has near 18 million people is that ABC and PBS are very difficult to pick up due to the low frequencies that these networks transmit their signal.  I get more over the air channels than I need with a great flexible indoor HD antenna I found at my local COSTCO.  I get 25 channels plus with great clarity.  I also get CBSNY+, and COSI TV, that carry, respectively,  all news, and 1 hour local evening news at 7 pm. If you have an old school TV you will need to get a digital converter box (in the USA) and you need to make sure your flatscreen has this conversion built into its tuner.



You can locate the over the air channels available at many sites.  See for example:

Still, I cannot get ABC or PBS over the air, but with the recent release of the ABC Live Streaming Apps on BlackBerry, I can stream ABC from my cell phone over the micro-HDMI port.  I have no problem with CBS and NBC over the air.

ABC and ABC Family Apps For BlackBerry OS 10

BlackBerry, if you get a PBS Live Streaming App so I and near 18 million NYC residents can watch  “Downton Abbey” and other shows, you will sell more phones, and I can get rid of the cable TV and phone and just get an internet provider to stream my entertainment that I can’t get over the air.

Downton Abbey–What’s The Fuss?

By the way you can stream Netflix off  your BlackBerry OS 10 Z10 or Q10 or even Dev C phones over the micro-HDMI port to your TV with a HDMI input.  Just get a cable from Amazon!

Older Android Version of Netflix Available For BlackBerry Z10


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