BBM Tops iOS Apps Chart And Earns First Spot on Google Play

IOS chart top_edit


Shown Above iPhone with BBM on Rogers Network

BBM tops both the iOS and Google Play charts–world-wide! The number of BBM users is near 100 million with the line to download the app for Android and iOS being eliminated. BBM is also the number one downloaded app on Google Play. This is a great way to market BlackBerry OS10, by loading BBM on the competition’s devices, with the OS 10 swipes, panels, and gestures! What do you think of this social marketing? Is it too late?

BBM messaging is totally free over wi-fi or data with no long distance texting charges and no accrued text count. It is secure and private, no need to give up you tel# or privacy. Give it a try and add your international friends as a contact on your iOS and Android devices! Let’s stay together!  Keep moving! Share the love! Rome, I’m talking to you!  Tell your  friends and family that you would like to be able to keep in touch with no extra “roaming” or long distance text messaging charges and to do so in a secure way.


Get it  by pointing your web-browser on your iOS phone or Android phone at:

BBM for Android:


BBM for iOS:

IPhoneBBM iPhoneBBM2


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