BlackBerry at $6.72


At the start of trading BBRY is hovering at $6.72. The stock is trading where it was one year ago. The lack of marketing, strategic reviews, C level missteps and miscommunications have added to the decline, along with negative analyst reports. The new direction must be steady, determined, well planned and communicated with a new resolve to aggressively market and place BlackBerry products in customer hands.

It is important to see action on the product placement front. Thorsten Heins brought OS 10 products to fruition, but failed to assess or create demand. He will be rewarded for this in spades. Sr. Mgmnt could not market or deliver a message of interest to consumers. That has to change. For that to happen a clear understanding of what BlackBerrry stands for,
past, present and future is needed by Mgmnt in moving forward with OS 10, BES10, BBM and M2M with QNX and embedded systems. This message must be consistent and evangelized!


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