Side Loading Netflix and Calculus I


[Update: November 12, 2013.  The Calculus I app can now be directly downloaded for all OS 10.0.0 devices or higher OS: Dev A, Dev B, Dev C, Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30. Point to the following link on your device web browser:]

You can side load our Calculus I application while we submit a version update to allow download for BlackBerry devices with any version of OS 10. Right now it is available for all OS 10.2.1 devices and higher OS. Check out (click on the link below and go to  the bottom of the page) how easy it is to side load apps. Netflix works wonderfully on my Z10 and DEV C.

If you have/are a student please/ have them try the Calculus I app to help review/study. Do they/you get the examples? Do they/you like the topics covered? Do they/you like the UI. What topics are they/you covering in school that we should include for a first class in Calculus?


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