Developers Need OS10 on 7″ PlayBook


Today, BBM is available for iPod and iPad devices, but not for the legacy 7″ PlayBook devices from BlackBerry with a BBM app. This is unacceptable in terms of the message and example BlackBerry is setting. If BlackBerry won’t develop for BlackBerry devices, why should other developers do so? Also, why are there still two NDKs one for PlayBook NDK 2.1 and one for OS 10 devices, NDK10.x which includes Tablet 10 devices.  If a lighter OS10 for 7″ PlayBooks were available, with one system file structure, the same API sets, for one OS 10.x  NDK, for all QNX based  BlackBerry devices, this would encourage more developers. Many developers do not have the resources to code, sign, package and market for two SDKs. Yet, they cannot afford  to give up the millions of  legacy 7″ PlayBook users, even if BlackBerry can. BlackBerry/RIM did say that OS 10 would be delivered to the PlayBook. Now, it appears that not even a simple BBM app will be made native to the PlayBook. Is it any wonder that this mixed messaging/marketing is hurting the company? It was a lost faith in Tablet development that caused HP’s Apotheker and BlackBerry’s Heins to lose the support of their constituencies. Hopefully, John Chen sees the error of this way.

Here are some comments from Crackberry:


So essentially what this post means is now BBM will work WITHOUT an associated SIM card. Which begs the question. Why does my PlayBook still not have BBM. I was fine with the explanation when BlackBerry states you need to have a SIM for BlackBerry Services. So now that they have solved that problem, why are PlayBook owners left with more questions? Adam, any chance you can look into this?

Because BlackBerry does not practice what it preaches to develop on BlackBerry products, that there is a market! They won’t develop for PlayBook because it is a tiny market compared to iPad. So, why should any developer code for BlackBerry by this same example?

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There is simply no way to sugarcoat this or make excuses… bringing BBM to non-BB devices, now including wifi-only iPad/iPods (even if they are running an OS that is over a year old) — not only is this an(other) EPIC fail on the part of BB, but it actually shows complete disrespect and contempt for early adopters and their strongest supporters. I’m not even playing this up, I am offended.

Blackberry – my ‘fandom’ has limits. You are pushing them… hard.

CB – FWIW, I’m usually pretty happy with the love/critique balance you guys demonstrate, but for the life of me I cannot imagine why you wouldn’t reference the obvious PB elephant in the room in your article above.

Need BlackBerry 10 on 7″ PlayBook. Right now it is a pain for app development as two NDK one for OS2.1 and another for 10.x. Even an OS 10PB with the same file and system structures. And yeah, having a BBM app for BlackBerry PlayBook is long overdue! No reason other than market size. So why should I develop for BlackBerry devices, if BlackBerry won’t?

Posted via CB10


Thanks. Please, tweet @BlackBerry Developers Need OS10 on 7″ PlayBook

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