Two Programming Environments for BlackBerry QNX: PlayBook and OS 10


I deleted the NDK 2.0/2.1 files I had for momentics for the PlayBook, thinking that I would be able to code and compile under one environment.  As you can see in the image (Double click on it to enlarge it!), I am having to re-install NDK for Tablet OS 2.1 to recompile our Calculus I app.  It uses simple UI function calls that I hope will still work in SDK 2.0/2.1! Interestingly, OS 10 coded apps run on a distinct “Tablet OS 10”  platform when submitting an app to BlackBerry World.  So there must be actual tablets running OS10 that BlackBerry has decided not to release, thus far, to market.

The plan for development that BlackBerry had outlined in early 2012 was that all PlayBook coded apps would work in OS 10 environments and vice-versa.  As it happens, it seems that somewhere along the way, development for the PlayBook and OS 10 environments was split within BlackBerry and thus for third party developers. It is not so much that a native C++ coded application won’t compile (At least, this is the hope as we port our Calculus I app to the PlayBook environment!), but rather that the APIs and system files needed and locations are different in the OS2.1 version of the QNX code for BlackBerry 10.  I’m not sure why this split happened. Did one group in BlackBerry transfer coding for OS 10 to another–maybe the QNX division in Ottawa was given the project from a division in Waterloo? If so, did the QNX division decide to scrap 2.1 and start from the ground up again?  If so, why? These questions have never been posed publicly and so why would BlackBerry need to address this. In any case, I understand now why third party developers who have had PlayBook apps have not updated some of these apps, as the programming environments are different and it appears that contrary to what developers were told, not 100% compatible PlayBook to OS 10 (forward compatible)  or maybe even OS 10 to PlayBook (backward compatible). It’s not clear why a flavor of  OS 10 never made it to the legacy PlayBooks: wifi and/or LTE versions.

Please, look for our Calculus I app:

to be on BlackBerry World for your PlayBooks soon, as we make the effort to make it available for free on this platform, at least for now.




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