No Flat Lines and How to Use BBM Channels


We’ll be launching a new initiative across our channels to offer a more engaging experience. Take a look back as we prepare to bring this for you over the next week.


1)Launch BBM Channels From The New/Updated  BBM App


2)There are 4 options in this blue header. Clicking on the first (Left to right) “Compass” icon will provide featured channels:


3)Clicking on the second icon, from the left,  will provide the icon links to your created “My Channels”and “Subscribed to Channels”:


4)Clicking on the third icon from the left will list any replies to comments and other Channels related notifications.

5)Search for a specific Channel, example  PFC,  by clicking on the magnifying glass icon (fourth icon from the left)  on the top blue banner when selecting the “Channels” option in the new BBM:


You can also enter any channel “pin” there to find and join any channel, like our main channel, PFC Systems, Inc with pin C0007F38F.


2 thoughts on “No Flat Lines and How to Use BBM Channels

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