Moderate Diet and Exercise


There are so many fad diets that come and go. Celebrities seem to endorse many options. Recently, Chef Rocco DiSpirito was on the TV TALK show circuit
describing his diet plan which claims to have practitioners drop a pound a day.
This seems extreme to us. My grandmother always said that everything in moderation is ok. Have any of our readers tried this latest diet plan? Does this or any other plan work for you?

We’ve decided to see how much weight one of us can lose on a moderate exercise and food plan over the next month. We will document an exercise plan and count our consumed daily calories and calories burned at the gym. I was surprised that the cup of oatmeal with cup of milk and maple syrup that I usually have for breakfast is already 500 food calories. Not withstanding the fibre intake and promise of better cholesterol levels, it is more calories than I would have guessed. The goal over the next month is to develop healthier eating and fitness habits. Come along with us!


2 thoughts on “Moderate Diet and Exercise

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