Day 1, January 15, 2014, of Wellness Month


Exercise Variable: Plan A

Burnt @ 800 Calories, according to “Sport Track” app. This app underestimates the aerobic burn which is always 10 Cal per Min or 40O Calories, according to the Life Fitness digital read. The app gives 365 Calories in 40 minutes for the aerobic 40 minute stair master.

Diet Variable:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with spinach and onions

2 eggs, 200 calories 1 cup spinach, 7 calories,  1 small onion, 30 calories, 1/3 cup milk, 33.33 calories

270 calories total



1 glass oj, 8oz for 110 Calories
3 mugs of coffee for about 30 Calories

Breakfast Total calories: 410

Snack: 1large banana for 120 Calories

Lunch: 1 baked sweet potato for 110 Calories

Snack 1 bag pop chips, 360 Calories and 4 chocolate chip ahoy cookies, 190 Calories
Way too many “snack” calories

450 additional snack calories

Dinner: two bowels of home made chicken vegetable soup with carrots, celery, onions and mushrooms at about 120 Calories a bowl for 240 Calories.


The chicken soup has tofu and chicken pieces in it. It is important to consume a fist full of protein to help convert fat to muscle and not lose muscle mass, after a workout.

Calorie count:

Intake 240 + 450 + 110 + 120 + 410 = 1330 Calories

Burnt Calories: 800

Net Calories: 1330 – 800 = 530 Calories

Water:3 * 16.9 FL OZ (500 mL) or 1.5 Litre


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