The Third Eye and my Dog Paddy


Such a beautiful bloom. My hibiscus is blooming like crazy, and in the winter. It brightens up the winter gray sky. I have been thinking of my dog Paddy. She died last August 1, at home. She was a rescue and my terrier mix lived 18 years, 16 of them with me. I miss her. Today, the same woman, an Indian lady, I helped last week with adding her late husband’s photo as wallpaper on her phone, came by the store I was in. She was not receiving calls. They were going to voice mail. Many of her missed calls were from “Paddy” who was her sister. I helped her get into voice-mail. She told me that Paddy was ok. I told her about my dog, Paddy,  and my blooming hibiscus. She agreed, that we should meet two weeks in a row, at the same store was a sign from the third eye that our loved spirits were ok, her husband and my Paddy. Have you had connections with the other side?


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