West Virginians Impacted By Toxic Chemicals


Just read this excellent story about Prenter Hollow West VA. It is very bleak and a shame that time and time again containment, and treatment at the source, using available technologies, of toxic run off is seen as a place to cut costs by companies so focused on the bottom line. Our politicians, if at a minimum are complacent, or at the worst accept funds by lobbyists for said companies, must be held accountable for failure to act on behalf of their constituents.

“Hollow, WV is a tight-knit community that has battled water and health problems for years.
With massive coal reserves acting as a natural charcoal filter, West Virginia used to be famous for its well and spring water.
“We had the best darn water in the world,” Prenter Hollow, W.V. resident Maria Lambert said when we visited her home in mid-January, “but that all changed, didn’t it?”
It took years for the Lamberts and their neighbors to accept that their water may have been contaminated by nearby mountaintop coal removal mining. Not only was mining taking away their charcoal filter, but it also threatened to contaminate their water supply with toxic chemicals.”

Read the full story By Robert Johnson from “Business Insider” at the source:



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