Americana, A great Song, and Puppy Love in The Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Made it Number One


A successful ad campaign is about making a connection between the brand or product and a potential buyer.  No one does this better than Budweiser.  Even if one is not a beer drinker, the respect for the brand

garnered by a commercial like their latest 2014 super bowl ad, which was ranked the number one ad, builds allegiance, so that if there is only beer at a party, one will choose the “Bud”.  It is remarkable what happens when the senses and emotions are delighted with effective advertising.



The consumer is easily swept away. BlackBerry tried to do this at last year’s Super Bowl, but missed the mark by trying to be whimsical, as humor varies cross-culture and across personality types. On the other hand, even the biggest Sea Hawk player has a lightened heart when seeing this “Puppy Love” ad:


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