LG and HTC Make it to The Cell Phone Store Unlike BlackBerry in The USA, But Are They Selling ?



BlackBerry has several new phones out, the “Passport” and “Classic”, being just launched. Has marketing or market placement changed since the new CEO and CMO, have taken charge? How are other phone OEMS fairing in this regard? We decided to take a look at the big box retailers in the USA to see what is placed on shelves for the consumer to see. We found that the new iPhone 6 series is, not surprisingly, well placed on shelves with demo models. The same is true for the Samsung S5. Although, there was interest in these phones at launch with a noticeable increase in sales, this has subsided, and sales are not off the chart by any means. The Lumia phones are primarily pay go phones. No windows phones are front and center on the shelves as contract phones. The LG G3 and HTC One M8 and Harmon Kardon edition of the latter made their way to being placed on shelves, but consumers don’t care or notice them, unless a good sales person takes the time to sell them, even when giving them away with $50 cost and $50 gift card with new two year plan. In the end the old saying ” out of site out of mind” holds true and moreso for BlackBerry.


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